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SHEKINA dries and packages cassava leaves, a staple food for locals and the diaspora. Oxfam has worked with Shekina since 2010, initially helping to improve drying and processing technology. With EDP support since 2014, the enterprise has re-organised its supply chain, and expanded production and finance capacity.

TUZAMURANE is an organic pineapple grower, which produces both fresh and dried pineapple. Oxfam started working with the enterprise in 2015 and together are prioritising the export market for dried produce, while maintaining sales of fresh pineapple to diversify, and reduce overall risk.

MFPI was set up by a cooperative of women farmers in 2004 to process the soybeans they farmed, and is now one of the main processors of soy-based products in Rwanda, including tofu, soy milk and soy flour. With EDP’s support, the management team at MFPI plan to increase annual sales by nearly 150% by 2019/20, generating an additional £716,000, to benefit more than 4,000 people. This will largely be achieved by supporting MFPI to increase the capacity at the processing plant, and improve the shelf life and marketing of their products with improved packaging.

Other EDP projects: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Honduras, Nepal

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