The Enterprise Development Programme




The Enterprise Development Programme (EDP) adopts an innovative approach to building sustainable businesses, combining elements of private equity and rural economic development. We invest where others don’t go – and where the potential for social impact is highest.

With your support, Oxfam provides an intelligent mix of loans and grants to small and medium enterprises throughout the developing world, helping people to work their way out of poverty. But it’s not just about providing capital. It’s about identifying business opportunities, and helping entrepreneurs develop and implement viable business plans. It’s a pioneering, business-based approach to development.

EDP is unique and it works. It combines Oxfam’s international presence and experience with the finance and expertise of our supporters and partners. It creates wealth and drives change in poor communities. Crucially, it helps many thousands of people – especially women – to work their way out of poverty.



The Enterprise Development Programme Board brings together like-minded and influential individuals who are passionate about tackling poverty by supporting would-be entrepreneurs and business people.


Each Board Member is crucial to the success of the programme, aiming to develop successful businesses in poor communities, which result in jobs and opportunities for all.


The Board has committed to work with the Programme Manager to develop the structure and shape of the Enterprise Development Programme, contributing personal expertise, as well as raising upwards of £6 million to deliver the programme (2016-2020).

Chair of the board

Rajesh Agrawal
Rajesh Agrawal is Chair of Oxfam’s Enterprise Development Board. He was announced as Deputy Mayor of London for Business in June 2016, and is also well-known as Founder and Chairman of London-based commercial foreign exchange company RationalFX. Having grown up in a poor setting in Indore, India, Rajesh is especially passionate about the power of business and enterprise to transform lives – as it has his own.

The Oxfam Team

Emily Evans
Emily Evans
Emily Evans is the Oxfam Partnerships Manager. Emily’s background is working with philanthropists and other partners with a wide range of experiences, connecting them with opportunities to make a difference to the world around them. She is the key point of contact for philanthropists and other partners who are interested to find out more about Oxfam’s Enterprise Development Programme and how they might connect with Oxfam.  She is also primary contact for the programme’s Board, headed up by Rajesh Agrawal.

Tel: 07717 451067

Fabian Llinares
Fabian Llinares
Fabian Llinares is the EDP Programme Manager. Fabian’s background is working directly with impact entrepreneurs and small and growing businesses in developing economies who harness the power of business to drive positive change in their communities, He supports the consolidation and growth of these businesses connecting them to markets, investors, mentors, policy makers and other key stakeholders promoting systemic changes in their local enabling environments. He is the programme manager for Oxfam’s Enterprise Development, working closely with staff and partners in each of the countries we work in, to lead the strategy and drive the programme forward overall.